Learning Time with Buddy



“Learning Time with Buddy” is a naughty, puppet-themed, web series that we do for the Rock 102 YouTube page. We, meaning the Rock 102 Morning Show with Scotch, J.J., and Britta. I drew the background illustration for the green screen that we stand in front of and we’ll probably be changing it out on a fairly regular basis. This one is influenced by “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” obviously. Anyway, you can check out all of the episodes on Buddy’s page at the official Rock 102 website.

Oh, Lord…how I miss SLEEP!

Well, the new puppy we added into the mix sure takes a bite out of our sleep schedule. It’s absolutely like having a baby in the house again. Potty training consists of taking Schuller out every two or three hours, which means waking up to go outside at 1 am as well as 3 am. Yep… we are certainly living the dream. He’s lucky he’s cute. Heh-heh! Coincidentally, I just did a comic for The Forum that was based on a headline about teen’s sleeping habits in North Dakota.