Monthly Archives: June 2007

Family Guy parody rears it’s ugly head!

A big “how-do-ya-do” to my new friends at the Alex Borstein forum. My Family Guy parody from the March 2006 HUSTLER made the discussion boards recently and I realized that I don’t have any artwork posted from that piece. gay2.jpg I have been making a conscious effort to keep the more “graphic” stuff off of this site so I’m just posting four of the least offensive panels. The jist of the comic is this…Peter Stiffen is a homosexual in denial who gets invited to appear on a televised “Celebrity San Francisco Hold ’em” tournament on Bravo. While playing in a heated game against Bruce Vilanch and Christopher Lowell he finally gives in to his carnal urges. Upon seeing this, Lois invites Marge Simpson and Peggy Hill over for a three-way. Yeah, I know…brilliant stuff! It is just a dirty comic satire, remember. I’m no Seth MacFarlane for crying in the soup! Sheesh!gay3.jpg

Humor Magazine Placates World in Turmoil!

hhcov.jpg If you aren’t too ashamed to ask the gal behind the counter to grab you one, the latest HUSTLER Humor is available now at newsstands and finer truck stops everywhere! Editor Bob Muleady has done a fine job of elevating this yock rag to the level of an ‘adult’ MAD magazine with something for everyone…everyone over the age of 18 of course. I’m especially excited because this issue contains artwork from my buddy, Dave! Congratulations, Dave…I knew you had the talent to end published up in a smut mag one day! Also the stomach-churning gags of Kit Lively, whose work I am always pleased to illustrate, regardless of the fact that he is from Texas. He and I have a special two-page GROSS GAGS in this issue and my 3-page ‘My Name is Earl’ parody rounds out the mag. Save yourself the trouble of making a second trip and buy two NOW! earl2.jpg

BOB condones Tattoos for Tots!

Yours truly, a millitant minion of ROCK102, was enlisted by our sister    station, BOB 95, to create a tattoo design…for CHILDREN, no less!! Gasp! Actually, it’s just one of them there “press on” tattoos so it’s okay. No harm will befall the precious ankle-biters of our community. So this is the tattoo version of those infectious “Turn your knob to Bob” commercials and I was happy to draw it, even though I’m still convinced that BOB 95 was secretly responsible for our tower fire we had at the radio station! Think otherwise? Then I advise you to go check out the media section at There’s a very suspicious video that just might change your thinking! But I digress…think ink, y’all!